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Everything About Intermittent Fasting: Book Edition

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Kasparas Aleknavičius, MD November 22, 2021
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If you’re a health enthusiast or are about to become one, most probably you have already heard about intermittent fasting. If you haven’t spent enough time studying this lifestyle approach, most likely, your knowledge on the topic is somewhat inconsistent.

However, there is an option. A good book on intermittent fasting can answer all questions and put the information in the right places. This article will look through the 5 popular and valuable 101 books on fasting that are now at the top of the book charts in the health and diet categories. 

#1 The Complete Guide to Fasting: Heal Your Body Through Intermittent, Alternate-Day, and Extended Fasting

A world-leading expert on intermittent fasting and low-carb diets, Dr. Jason Fung, and a true pioneer in the low-carb, high-fat, and ketogenic community, Jimmy Moore, came together to write a book that is by some considered the Bible of fasting. Published in 2016, it is still among the most comprehensive books on the topic. In The Complete Guide to Fasting, you’ll find:

  • Why fasting is good for health
  • Who can benefit from fasting
  • The history of fasting
  • The various ways to fast
  • What to expect when starting to fast
  • How to track your progress 
  • The weight loss effects of fasting
  • How to ward off potential adverse effects

The Complete Guide to Fasting covers everything from theory to practice. It is an excellent source of information for anyone interested in the topic.

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#2 Fast. Feast. Repeat.: The Comprehensive Guide to Delay, Don’t Deny® Intermittent Fasting–Including the 28-Day FAST Start 

Published in 2020, this book instantly became a bestseller. The author Gin Stephens experienced intermittent fasting firsthand, as she successfully managed to lose 80lb with this lifestyle. Since then, she launched her intermittent fasting website, Facebook support groups and published four books. She is now a host of at least three top-ranked podcasts where she gets to talk to intermittent fasters from all over the world.

As the description of the book states, “Fast. Feast. Repeat. is for everyone! Beginners will utilize the 28-Day FAST Start. Experienced intermittent fasters will strengthen their practice, work on their mindset, and read about the latest research out of top universities supporting intermittent fasting as the health plan with a side effect of weight loss.” It’s a book written by someone who has been in your shoes. And these types of books are always a good idea.

#3 The Obesity Code – Unlocking the Secrets of Weight Loss

Another book by Dr. Jason Fung, a nephrologist and one of the world’s leading experts on fasting for weight loss and type 2 diabetes reversal. This time he paired with Timothy Noakes, a Professor of Exercise and Sports Science, a marathon runner, and author.

The Obesity Code – Unlocking the Secrets of Weight Loss quickly became a bestseller. Looking at the contents table – it’s easy to understand why. It covers everything an intermittent fasting enthusiast might be interested in. It starts with a topic of obesity and the current situation, busts myths on exercising along the way, and touches on the overfeeding problem. It also speaks on essential topics like insulin and child obesity, carbohydrates and protein, and how it’s all related to the health issues we’re having.

Once all of it is out in the clear and explained, the authors offer solutions. The book also includes sample meal plans and a practical guide to fasting. Everyone will find something to take from this book, so it’s definitely worth the time. 

#4 Fast This Way: How to Lose Weight, Get Smarter, and Live Your Longest, Healthiest Life with the Bulletproof Guide to Fasting (Bulletproof, 6)

Written by a well-known public figure Dave Aspen who has gone through a serious weight loss journey himself. As stated in the author’s personal website, he is “a four-time New York Times bestselling science author, host of the Webby award-winning podcast Bulletproof Radio, and has been featured on the Today Show, CNN, The New York Times, Dr. Oz, and more.”

Here’s what the author himself says about the book: “This book is about how to actually do it in a way that will work for decades, without hunger, without being hangry. It’s based on my path, as well as what I’ve learned from helping hundreds of thousands of readers and followers lose more than a million pounds over the last decade using the Bulletproof Diet, which relies on intermittent fasting.”

This book is not your average instruction book on fasting. It is more personal and spiritual and gives many valuable insights on intermittent fasting and the related lifestyle. Useful for someone who wants to ease into the topic rather than be burdened with just dry facts.

#5 Delay, Don’t Deny: Living an Intermittent Fasting Lifestyle

Another great creation by Gin Stephens. In this book, you will learn the science behind intermittent fasting and understand how to adjust the various intermittent fasting plans to work for your unique lifestyle.

What’s more, Delay, Don’t Deny: Living an Intermittent Fasting Lifestyle contains a chapter that explains what to do if you do not see the results you want after following the intermittent fasting routine. This is an excellent source of information for anyone interested in starting intermittent fasting or deepening their knowledge of the topic. 

Final Fakeaways

Intermittent fasting has become increasingly popular over the past few years. If you’re intrigued to try it out or if you’re someone who has tried it but still has hindering questions – grab a book.

Something from the top charts of Amazon, written by the professionals of the subject or someone who has lived this lifestyle firsthand for a long time, should definitely cover any uncertainties you may have. Intrigued? Grab a book, and happy reading!

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Profile Picture
Kasparas Aleknavičius, MD
  • Head of Medical Affairs at Kilo Health
  • Medical Doctor at Vilnius University, Lithuania
  • Partnering with the EU-funded Young50 and EUPAP projects

Kasparas Aleknavicius is a medical doctor that graduated from Vilnius University, working as head of medical affairs at Kilo Health. After nearly 5 years in the industry, Kasparas focuses on digital health and is looking for innovative ways to help people lead healthy lifestyles through digital health and wellness platforms.

You can find Kasparas on LinkedIn and follow his latest research on Medium.

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