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The DoFasting App – Your Virtual Fasting Assistant

A leading fasting app. Over 541 221 plans ordered.

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Intermittent fasting is a safe and effective way to get in shape and improve your overall health. Join the DoFasting app to get all the expert tools and education you need to reach your goals.

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The DoFasting App – Your Virtual Fasting Assistant

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The DoFasting App – Your Virtual Fasting Assistant

Start your journey to a healthy lifestyle today.

What makes us better than the rest

Easy-to-use fasting tracker

With multiple fasting types and insights from our nutritionists to keep you motivated.

Expert-approved education

Daily articles and tips, written by professionals.

Tools for successful weight loss

Tasty recipes, workouts, water, step, and calorie trackers.

100% science-based

Our team of health experts ensures the app is safe to use and effective.

See how our fasting app will

Make your new healthier lifestyle easy

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Become a master faster in no time

The DoFasting app offers a set daily agenda with fasting hours and a fasting tracker. Start from beginner-friendly fasts, build your way up to the top, and watch how your body transforms.

Suited for both beginners and pros

Helps form long-term healthy habits

Easily customizable

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Take your nutrition to the next level

Release your inner chef with easy-to-make healthy recipes. Select and save your favorite ones to plan out your daily, weekly, or monthly menu for your recommended daily calorie intake.

5,000+ in-app recipes

Healthy desserts

Improved eating habits

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Daily education and motivation

The app fits a curated library of educational articles and daily tips to allow a successful and safe intermittent fasting experience.

Not getting off track

Encouraging reminders

Motivational boosts

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Have fun with exercise

In the DoFasting app, you can find workout routines prepared by our in-house personal trainer, suitable for all ages and fitness levels. All exercises are body-weight only and can be done at home.

Workouts from 6 to 45 minutes

HIIT workout routines

Reduces body fat and builds lean muscle

Thousands of happy customers!

More than 100,000 happy DoFasting customers all over the world. Get more burn for your buck!

“The reminders to fast and eat helped me a lot. It definitely took 2 months for intermittent fasting to really start working. It's all about the calories honestly. And it took me about 60 days for my appetite to decrease.”
“It has been 5 months+ 1-day doing intermittent fasting for weight loss. I am happy to say I am down 10.4kg and still counting down.”
“This app allows me to keep clear vision with my daily progress and to stay fully aware of where I stand in regards to satisfying each and every objective! I really love staying fully engaged with the process!!”

See how DoFasting will improve your life

Find out what works for you with this 60-sec quiz approved by our experts and get your personal revolutionary fasting assistant.

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