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Happy clients


Mariu Cabral

Select and save your favorite meals, keep up with your recommended calorie intake and make your fasting diet even more effective. All recipes are chosen by our professional nutritionists and can be adjusted according to your allergies and dietary preferences.

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DoFasting App Reviews

More than 10,000 happy clients

“The reminders to fast and eat helped me a lot. It definitely took 2 months for intermittent fasting to really start working. It's all about the calories honestly. And it took me about 60 days for my appetite to decrease.”
“It has been 5 months+ 1-day doing intermittent fasting for weight loss. I am happy to say I am down 10.4kg and still counting down.”
“This app allows me to keep clear vision with my daily progress and to stay fully aware of where I stand in regards to satisfying each and every objective! I really love staying fully engaged with the process!!”

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Verified user
Result: -60 lbs
I did it! 1 year IF and Keto. 60lbs for the win. And plenty of inches too. So thankful and happy that I did my best this year to transform into a healthier and more confident self. I'm 15lbs to my goal but more focused on toning muscles than losing more fat at the moment. Started going to the gym at around the 7m mark and have been loving every minute. I had 4 kids between 2012-2018 and never dreamed I'd be this fit or this weight again.
Verified user
Result: -53 lbs
At first, I thought it will be hard for me to get used to the application and its features. Surprisingly, it’s really easy to use, even for boomers like me! I joined the app with the goal to lose 53 lbs (I started at 182 lbs). After three months, I exceeded my expectations and melted 33 pounds of my body!!
Verified user
Result: -29 lbs
Well I made it! I can’t believe after many trying with all kind of pills, shakes, diets, products, only with this system I got my goals so fast! Please believe!!!! This is my before and after 29 pounds left in 4 months!!!! I’m 44 years old and in that age everything is so slow!!! Plus this system I add my wonderful Zumba classes between 3 and 4 days per week.
Happy clients

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