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Taylor M.

Validated customer

I’ve heard about intermittent fasting before, but I never dared to try. I thought that I will feel hungry & miserable all the time! DoFasting was the first fasting app I’ve tried and it helped me to get on this new eating patter real fast. Now I recommend it to anyone who ever wanted to try fasting. It keeps you on track and gives awesome meal suggestions.

Evelyn Vinson

Validated customer

Fasting is for lazy people who want to lose weight. I’m super lazy and I thought I’d try it to shed some pounds. It works I lost 12lb in a month. I don’t exercise that much but I’ll start doing the workouts to tone up my body next Monday.


Validated customer

Fasting is easier than I thought! I’ve been doing it for only like a week, but I’ve already noticed some great changes in my lifestyle and eating habits. I feel lighter, plus I know that I’m doing something for my health. I try a new recipe from meal recommendations every other day, but I mainly focus on getting into my fasting routine.

C. Barber

Validated customer

I lost 30 pounds in two months. It was difficult, but definitely worth the result. The only thing I would change about the app is that I would want a timer for the workouts. But I guess some people are just slower at exercising so that’s why…


Validated customer

DoFasting is the best thing ever and so easy. I’m doing the 16:8 method, which means I can eat delicious food for eight hours and still lose more weight than with any other diet. I wish I knew about intermittent fasting years ago. I really makes sense when you apply it to everyday life.

Anna K.

Validated customer

I’m down 6lb in 17 days. It’s working for me. I don’t follow the recipes all the time because I eat at restaurants quite often, but other than that I think it’s the easiest way to lose weight.

Raideen Peters

Validated customer

I love how the app shows how much time there’s left ‘till my fasting time is over. I keep checking it in the morning because I used to eat breakfast all the time! I hope that after a few weeks I’ll be fine at eating breakfast this late, but other than that, I can already see some great results and even lost 7lbs!

Jess Lewis

Validated customer

Second week on my fasting plan and I’m feeling great. Couldn’t believe that all I needed to do was restrict my eating times to lose weight. I still can’t resist eating junk food sometimes!

Yuri M.

Validated customer

I hate diets, but I actually enjoy fasting. For me it was natural – I never liked eating breakfast before work and I don’t mind to eat my last meal at 8pm. It might have been a bit difficult at first but once I lost my first few pounds, I realized that I’m okay with making that sacrifice.


Validated customer

My friend told me about DoFasting, so I downloaded the app. I’m on day 4 now, I can’t see any results yet, but I can say that it’s easier than I thought. Plus, the app is really smooth and I like the fun texts.

India L.

Validated customer

Amazing. I don’t use the workout plan that much, but I love meal recommendations and the progress tracker keeps me motivated. There’s no better feeling than entering your “current weight” when you’ve lost some!! Recommend it.

Becky B.

Validated customer

I used to do that 5:2 method but I’m trying the 16:8 method now. I really like that the app is super simple. No nonsense. Since I started fasting (last year), I’ve lost 35lbs. I used to be 170lbs now I’m 135lbs!

Pauline D. Reyes

Validated customer

Just downloaded the app! So far, so good! I’ve been trying to do intermittent fasting on my own but I always wanted to get some recipes and guidance. Hope this helps!

Jessie J.

Validated customer

I couldn’t keep the weight off… Until I found the DoFasting app. I never had time for a diet. This app solved my problem!

Suzy P.

Validated customer

I tried over 5 different diets last year… Intermittent Fasting is the 1st one I can stick to! I’m never falling off the wagon with the DoFasting app.

Sarah L.

Validated customer

I’m a picky eater, that’s why Intermittent Fasting is perfect for me! I love trying different fasting types this app offers.

Kelly R.

Validated customer

I hate dieting but I love intermittent fasting. This app is the best! DoFasting app made weight management an easy game for beginners.

Megan F.

Validated customer

I don’t know how to plan meals. Luckily, with the DoFasting app I don’t need to! With intermittent fasting I can continue eating takeaways and get results.

Emilly T.

Validated customer

I don’t normally review apps but I must share how amazing the DoFasting app is! I finally found a diet I could follow for the rest of my life: Intermittent Fasting

Paula T.

Validated customer

I promised myself that this is the last time I’m losing weight. DoFasting app helps me to keep my word! This app takes weight management seriously

Real life success stories

Jane Kinsley


Result: - 26 lbs

I have been doing IF since December 14 and the results are better than expected, no hunger, no cravings, and minimum exercise! I just eat a moderate diet cutting out all junk & fast food and boom!!! Fat just burns itself

Claudia Mendes


Result: - 22 lbs

Hands down best diet I followed in my entire life, more than a diet, it is a way of life. Just started the app, but IF changed my life. I wish I started last year.

Liz Rayden


Result: - 45 lbs

I consider intermittent fasting a way of eating very different from diets. I’ve been living the lifestyle almost 3 years and it has changed everything about my physical, mental, and emotional health. Best decision ever made.

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