DoFasting Smart Scale, Your Weight Loss Companion

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Most people will fail to maintain their weight loss progress. We are here to make the journey easier! With the DoFasting Smart Scale, you can keep an eagle eye on your progress at all times.

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1 year warranty

Makes shedding pounds a seamless experience

Technical specification






3 * 1.5V AAA batteries


LED display


5mm tempered safety glass


Kg / lb

Bluetooth Low Energy Module compatible with iOS and Android systems

12 Measured Parameters: Body weight / Ideal weight / Body Mass Index / Basal Metabolic Rate / Body Fat (%) / Visceral Fat / Skeletal Muscle Mass (%) / Bone Mass / Water / Protein / Body Type / Metabolic Age

Equipped with 4 high-precision sensor

Step power on / auto power-off

Low battery and overload indication

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What makes us better than the rest

Personalized weight loss recommendations

12 precisely measured parameters

Equipped with 4 high-precision sensors

Quickly syncs all data to your smartphone

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If You’re Serious About Weight Loss

You’ll probably want to get in-depth insight every time you step on the Smart Scale.

With DoFasting bathroom scale, you can monitor how your BMI, body fat percentage (and other body metrics) change with each pound lost.

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The Scale Works in Perfect Tandem With the DoFasting App

After tracking your results, the mobile app will analyze them and give personalized recommendations on meeting your health and fitness goals faster.


Connect your Smart Scale to the DoFasting app.


Step on the connected scale and weigh in.


Open DoFasting and view all features of your body composition.

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Understanding Your Fitness Has Never Been Easier

See all of the most important body measurement parameters at a glance.

Body weight

Ideal weight

Body mass index

Basal metabolic rate

Body fat mass

Visceral fat

Skeletal muscle mass

Bone mass

Body water


Body type

Metabolic age

See how DoFasting will improve your life

Find out what works for you with this 60-sec quiz approved by our experts and get your personal revolutionary fasting assistant.

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