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Transformation journey with the DoFasting app: Sandra Gasaway

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Ugne Sineviciute November 22, 2021

Well, where do I start?

My journey started in January 2020 after I went to a company called Sono Bello to see what offers they had to help me begin my weight loss journey. I was totally disappointed with their services after meeting for my initial consultation. Feeling exceptionally discouraged, I decided I would have to take matters into my own hands without paying any astronomical fees like how Sono Bello was charging.

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I was disgusted with my body (primarily my stomach and arms). In 2018, I got married. My husband and I would have date nights weekly, which consisted of us eating out at different restaurants. Everyone who knows me knows that I LOVE my bread. Whenever we go to restaurants, such as Texas Roadhouse, Olive Garden, Red Lobster, I don’t care about the meal, just give me the bread! Oh, on Thanksgiving, forget about the turkey, just give me my Hawaiian King rolls (with honey butter)! Nonetheless, I knew I had to make some serious changes in my life.

I was a part of the biggest loser challenge and was made the Captain of a team of individuals who were also on the lifestyle journey. With me weighing 180 pounds during the time, I had to find a way to be able to motivate the other members of my team.

I showed IF to them, so it was more of a lifestyle change for all of us. Since I wasn’t familiar with the different intermittent fasting types, I started off with 12:12 for about a month. After about 2 months, I decided to try 14:10. I noticed some inches lost. However, I still had pounds that I needed to lose.

After feeling discouraged, I decided to try the 16:8 approach. I did this for about 4 months, and then I changed to 18:6. I’ve been on 18:6 for almost a year now. I also complete a 24:0 fast at least once a week. I’ve looked into different apps to see which one would be feasible for me to use. Then I stumbled across the DoFasting app on Facebook.

I looked into the app and read the reviews. I was a bit skeptical about paying a “fee” for an app, but now I see it was the best investment made. As I joined the DoFasting family on Facebook, I had no clue what folks were talking about when they would say 20:4, 16:8, 12:12.

The app would help me out, and that’s when I set myself to start IF 16:8, and my times are 12 PM–8 PM (daily). I didn’t work out as much until I began using my DoFasting app. I did have a membership to Planet Fitness, but I just couldn’t get myself motivated to go to the gym. Instead, I utilize the exercises on the DoFasting app 5 days a week. Now I’m an expert, and if it says 12X, then I intensify it and double it.

I somewhat lost track of where I am with the DoFasting app because of different upgrades. However, I do make it a point to close ALL of my rings on my Apple Watch. I walk/run for 30 minutes at least 5 days a week. I also jump double Dutch and ride my bike weekly.

Since my weight loss journey, I’ve become a certified African workout instructor.

There were plenty of times in the beginning when I was about to give up. I plateaued for about 2 months before I saw any significant changes. I never purchased a weight scale. Instead, I bought measuring tape so that I could see if any inches were lost.

The one piece of advice that I wish someone said to me at the beginning of my IF journey was, “This is a difficult climb that is not for the faint of heart! No matter how defeated you feel, do not give up the fight!”

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Ugne Sineviciute Brand Manager

Ugne Sineviciute


Ugne Sineviciute is the Brand Manager at DoFasting who graduated from Vytautas Magnus University with a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in International Relations. After 3 years of improving her communication skills, she is now the person behind DoFasting’s community. Ugne’s primary focus is to use her industry knowledge to make digital health and wellness accessible to everyone.


You can find Ugne on LinkedIn.

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