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“I tried 28-day intermittent fasting challenge for a month and lost 16 pounds”

Meet Krystal, our new DoFasting star.

Her fitness and health journey has inspired DoFasting team to contact her and share the intermittent fasting experience with others. Krystal tried a 28-day challenge and here is her story:

Knowing that intermittent fasting has multiple health benefits, Krystal hesitated to stick to it. There were several attempts in the past but the main discouragement and struggle was giving up coffee. Coffee with cream and sugar.

Not only that but keeping an eye on the clock to remind herself when to break a fast was also a headache. She wasn’t happy with her appearance and how she wasn’t feeling good in her clothes.

Krystal decided to use the DoFasting app because it reminded her when she could break her fast so she didn’t keep looking at the time thinking about it. Having a morning routine also helped her overcome the coffee issue!

What Krystal liked the most from the app were the tips, like having a fast meal prepped and ready to go. With intermittent fasting, it’s obvious that the main reason people choose to try this eating pattern is calorie burning. Other than that, there are plenty of various health benefits that you receive along with the process.

For Krystal, it was a boost of energy and better concentration. She noticed an increased level of energy in the morning and a clearer mindset which helps her be more productive and calm throughout the day.

There’s always a pitfall in challenges and even the strongest warriors stumble! Krystal says that the toughest part of her 28-day challenge was a little sickness draw-back around weeks 3/4. It was some sort of stomach bug and it made her eating window go crazy.

Her goal is usually 10-6 or 11-7 at the latest. That way she can enjoy her coffee! Eventually, she would like to quit it, but for now, she’s keeping it, because it’s like a security blanket.

A successful story wouldn’t be that motivational without any support or help from others: “My family keeps me motivated. I want to be the best wife and mother I can be. I only can do that if I feel good mentally and physically, that is my why” says Krystal.

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See Krystal’s 4-week journey

Week 1 

Using the DoFasting App makes intermittent fasting so much easier! It keeps up with your fasting time and lets you know the next time you’ll eat. There’s also so much useful information and amazing recipes on the app!

Week 2 

I am down 10lbs and still loving it. We went out of town and ate out more than usual, but I still had great results! I would like to get to moving more, I can’t imagine the results I would be getting. Do you have any workout programs/challenges you recommend for a beginner let me know.

Week 3 

Week 3 of intermittent fasting didn’t go as planned. I have had a slight stomach bug and it has kept me from moving my body like I should. But I still achieved positive results thanks to the DpFasting app. Have I told you about their 28-day challenge? It is super easy to follow and there are so many helpful resources in the app.

Week 4 

I have to be honest, at the beginning of my intermittent fasting journey, I was so nervous. I have been horrible in the past about keeping up with any sort of diet and the fact I was putting myself and my stats out there for accountability 😬 let’s just say…way out of my comfort zone!

With week 4 of intermittent fasting down in the books and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the final results of my 28-day challenge! They made it so easy to follow, that I actually stuck to it and it has been a total lifestyle change for me!

I calculated the results below:

Total lbs lost: 16 lbs

Total inches lost: 26”

Waist: 5.5”

Hips: 5”

Chest: 3”

Biceps: 1” x2

Thighs: 4” x2

Calves: .5” x2

Neck: 1.5”

Interested to try 28 days DoFasting challenge? Or simply put yourself in intermittent fasting shoes? Feel free to download our app, fill the quiz, and get your personalized plan!

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