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Read more about intermittent fasting and its benefits:

A custom-fit intermittent fasting program with all the right tools

Intermittent fasting can be versatile, and we offer it all.

DoFasting application with timer

Multiple fasting types

Not everyone can handle a 24-hour fasting schedule, yet 10 hours might not be enough. The DoFasting app offers 7 of the most popular intermittent fasting periods for you to find the one you can stick to.

Guidance to reach your health goals

Suited for both beginners and pros

Customized daily fasting schedule

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FoFasting challenge mode

Challenge mode

Get ready to reach the peak of your health. Choose from 7-, 14-, and 28-day challenges. The challenge mode gives you a set daily schedule with fasting and eating times, as well as tons of helpful advice.

Test your willpower limits

Form strong and healthier habits

Notice a change with every challenge

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See how our fasting app will

Make your new healthier lifestyle easy


Track your fasting and more

Don’t waste time taking notes on when your fasting window ends. Our personal fasting coach will help you track your steps, water intake, weight, and more straight in the app. Integrate DoFasting with your FitBit watch or your phone’s health app for a seamless experience.

Water intake tracker

Daily step tracker


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Get 5,000+ recipes cherry-picked by professional nutritionists

Relax – you already know what’s for dinner. Whatever food preferences you have, we make sure you have plenty to choose from during your eating window. And it will be delicious.

Tons of recipes under 10 minutes

Healthy desserts

Improved eating habits

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Receive full guidance on successful fasting

You don’t need to know anything about intermittent fasting to get started. The curated library of educational articles and daily tips based on your unique journey is there in the DoFasting app.

Daily reminders

Articles by professionals

Motivational notifications

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Try different level workouts whenever you’re ready

We hired a professional trainer to prepare any workout routines you might want to try. From quick ab exercises to full-body workouts – everything is in the app. Ready whenever you are.

At-home workout ideas

HIIT workout routines

Workouts from 6 minutes

Suitable for all ages and skill levels

With DoFasting, reaching your goals is a piece of cake.

Which, by the way, you’ll be allowed to eat too.

Intermittent fasting is

Your key to a longer and healthier life

Easier to lose weight

Improved heart health

Reduced inflammation

Enhanced mental function

Increased longevity

Faster metabolism

Better liver function

Positive impact on the quality of life

People tracking fasts

The science behind fasting.

This is how your body adapts to the fast

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0-4 hours of fasting

Anabolic state

Blood sugar and insulin levels drop. Your body is still digesting and storing the last thing you ate.

4–12 hours of fasting

Catabolic state

Your digestive system begins to rest. With no food intake, stored nutrients compensate for energy.

12–18 hours of fasting

Fat burning state

Human growth hormone (HGH) increases, initiating fat burn, muscle repair, and boosting metabolism.

18–36 hours of fasting


Your cells start to regenerate, activating autophagy. Autophagy can help kill cancerous cells, prevent Alzheimer’s disease and age-related bodily deterioration.

Real results. Real stories

Workouts image
Workouts image

At first, I thought it will be hard for me to get used to the application and its features. Surprisingly, it’s really easy to use, even for boomers like me! I joined the app with the goal to lose 53 lbs (I started at 182 lbs). After three months, I exceeded my expectations and melted 33 pounds of my body!!

Betsy P., lost 53lbs
The complete

Fasting experience

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DoFasting Smart scale

Want to see your body through your doctor's eyes?

The DoFasting Smart Scale will give you a comprehensive picture of your health in only a few seconds. Visceral fat, hydration levels, BMI – every essential measurement is available on your phone screen from the comfort of your home.

11 precisely measured parameters

Bluetooth's synchronization with iOS and Android

4 high-precision sensors

Personalized recommendations to lose weight easier

Dofasting supplement box
DoFasting Supplements: The Essential Fiber Complex Box.

Eliminate hunger and reach your fasting goals quickly and effortlessly.

One tasty drink, and you will feel satiated for hours without breaking your fast. Many say there is no magic bullet for weight loss. But we dare to say the DoFasting Essential Fiber Complex is close to it.

Prolonged fasting times

Increased fullness

Eliminated cravings

Colon cleanse

Improved skin health

Thousands of happy clients around the world

“The reminders to fast and eat helped me a lot. It definitely took 2 months for intermittent fasting to really start working. It's all about the calories honestly. And it took me about 60 days for my appetite to decrease.”
“It has been 5 months+ 1-day doing intermittent fasting for weight loss. I am happy to say I am down 10.4kg and still counting down.”
“This app allows me to keep clear vision with my daily progress and to stay fully aware of where I stand in regards to satisfying each and every objective! I really love staying fully engaged with the process!!”

See how DoFasting will improve your life

Find out what works for you with this 60-sec quiz approved by our experts and get your personal revolutionary fasting assistant.

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