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We are looking for the ultimate superstars. No limitations, no restrictions for application, just a big need to be public, speak freely, and enjoy fasting.

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Our product is already working with more than 1000 influencers of various sizes

We are looking for

  • Influencers with more than 2K following on either Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, LinkedIN, Twitter - whichever platform you love the most.
  • An excellent communicator , a charismatic personality and no fear of standing in front of a camera.
  • No age, gender, culture, language, or size barrier; we love everyone and believe that people believe people, not images.

Our guarantees

Get paid for sharing your experience

This is your chance to dive into the world of health and wellness full-on. Try, share on your social media, and earn money.

Rapid audience growth

You might not be a well-known personality today, but if you have the ambition to become a superstar, you came to the right place.

Proven marketing & advertising strategies

You wanted to be on Hollywood or in those amazing SuperBowl ads. Ok, we can't offer this, but you still have a chance to become our product's face and as one of the influencers on this page, talk about DoFasting.

Full support & directions from our team

There’s a big team of professionals standing behind this project. And this team is here to fully support you. We’ll help you with creating content as well as give you directions and guidelines on how to successfully influence others.


It's on you

  • You’ll have to become an active representative and mark on Your social media channel that you are DoFasting ambassador
  • Giving us exclusive permission to use your image for marketing purposes is essential for this project to work
  • Create content about us at least once a month and use all the tagging

It's on us

  • Payment for every sale that was made through your channels. 10$ revenue share per sale.
  • If you create something amazing, we will share with our social media audience
  • Guidelines, so you won’t get lost in the thunderstorm of social media
  • Everything else you might need to make the project successful
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Earnings are calculated based on a baseline conversion rate and average lifetime value of our customers at 10% commission on each sale.

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