Welcome to your app

To make your experience easy and smooth, we’ve put together a short app guide that will help you navigate through its features.

Fasting assistant

The bar indicates your fasting and eating times. This screen is your personal fasting assistant – it guides you through your fasting agenda with daily motivation boosts, tips, and friendly reminders.

Fasting Types

You are free to choose from various fasting types: from beginner-friendly fasts to something more advanced - 16-hour fast or 20:4 (the warrior diet).

Meal Recommendations

Recommendations are customized according to your calorie intake and nutrition needs. Click on the “nutrition” icon anytime you need ideas on what to prepare for lunch, breakfast, or dinner.

Exercise Suggestions

Click on the “workouts” icon to find simple, 10-30 minute workouts personalized to your level and goals. Once you’re done exercising, don’t forget to hit “Complete”!

Tips & Guidance

Click on the “lightbulb” icon to learn more about fasting and get access to useful tips on hydration, proper diet, and more.

Progress Tracker & Calendar

Go to your profile to enter current weight, see estimations, track your weight loss, exercise and fasting progress. That’s also where you can change app settings - adjust bedtime schedule and update your profile.