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DoFasting is rated 4.3 on Trustpilot

I truly love this app

I truly love this app. I started fasting on my own with little knowledge. This app not only educated me on the different types of fasts but it also gave me structure and accountability. I'm looking forward to making it to my goal with the help of this app it makes it more achievable.

Keeps me acountable

Helps me keep track of fasting time and when I can eat! Makes me aware of what calories, fat protein and carbs I put into my mouth!
Keep me accountable. Let’s me know when I have reached my limit on each for the day. Helps me keep track of my water and my steps throughout the day. Just wish it also had a place for glucose levels. Great app!

A nice app to learn IF

I do like the eating/fasting part of the app. It helps to see what phase of fasting I’m in and when my eating windows open. The app gives some really good recipes for meals and snacks. I was calculating my calories for a couple of months and did get tired of doing that. After a while, I pretty much learned potion control of foods. Overall the app was worth purchasing for 6 months to help learn the IF approach to weight loss.

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DoFasting is rated 4.1 on Reviews.Io

I could not live without the timer

Some time ago I was searching for information about intermittent fasting and I stumbled on fasting's article about fasting effects on the brain and I took my phone instantly to download the app. What can I say? It was a lucky post and a lucky decision to make. I could not live without the timer and discipline which helps me not to lose pace.

Way more self confidence

Pleasing experience, mostly the lost weight!!!!! Who could've imagined that I will be able to begin losing weight when I am in my fifties and here I am. Way way way more energy and way more self confidence.

DoFasting has been a game changer

DoFasting has been a game changer for me. I've been doing intermittent fasting with this app for 6 months and I've lost 33lbs. It's really all about staying on track and turning intermittent fasting into a lifestyle rather than a diet. And I love the recipes that they have, it's great if you struggle to come up with healthy ideas for your day to day meals.

DoFasting is rated 4.3 on Sitejabber

2+ weeks fasting

I'm just over 2 weeks of fasting and feeling really good. I haven't missed a day, but I did have to adjust the window while traveling to another time zone. I find that I no longer crave unconscious/mindless eating, sweets, or alcoholic beverages. I'm very conscious about my body and what it needs to function properly. I've experienced days where I didn't eat enough calories or protein and the effect it had on me the following day when trying to exercise. I'm enjoying this journey and feeling physically amazing!

Best application for intermittent fasting

If you want to keep off lost weight this is the best application. I keep all my meals, water, exercise in one place and this helps me to know where I stand. Intermittent fasting is surely one of the easiest diets out there because essentially you do not need to count calories or macros, all you need to do is fast when your app is asking you to fast. I am happy to leave a positive review for DoFasting.


I will recommend products from this supplier. Number one are the supplements. Number two is the app. Dofasting's features are helpful when you begin fasting because it gives you accountability and strength to keep going.

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Result: -53 lbs
I was already losing weight when I discovered IF last June, but very slowly. The app happened to pop up on Facebook, and I clicked to learn more. That was the beginning of a very healthy relationship! My rate of loss picked up, and I began to change my goals, from 160 to 150 to 140 to 135, and finally to 130 pounds! Quite honestly, it was shocking to me that I hadn't been introduced to this method before.
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Verified user
Result: -50 lbs
In addition to losing 50 lbs, my BP has decreased significantly, my joints no longer hurt, and I have tons more energy.

IF is a great way to lose weight and feel better and the DoFasting app really helps track your progress. The initial adjustment to your hunger windows can be a challenge so plan ahead with meals and drink tons of water.
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Verified user
Result: -50 lbs
I started with a 16:8 plan. I ate from 11 am to 7 pm. The summer at work was hectic, and I found myself some days having to wait even longer than 11 am to start my eating window. As of 1/10/22, I hit my goal of 160!!!! Nine months of using the DoFasting app helped me achieve this result. My new goal is to hit 140 and work on toning my body, getting rid of my tummy flap from having three kids.
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