Let’s celebrate World Water Day

Enjoying sipping your morning coffee? Or better – a glass of fresh cool water? Remember when your parents or grandparents used to nag you that you don’t drink enough water? Or those health guru’s, that constantly explain everything with the “drink more water” formula?

Having a bad day or a headache? Drink water.

Moody? Drink water.

Feeling dry, chapped and dehydrated? Drink water.

They are right! By celebrating World Water Day, it is essential to remind from time to time how important it is to drink water. Drinking water plays an important role in our daily functioning. We all know that water is necessary to our health and body, muscles and skin. But people often forget this simple, every-day rule.

Why is it so important?

It’s a known fact that ~70% of our bodies are made of water. And every day we lose it through urine and sweat, that’s why we have to restore what is lost. No fizzy drinks, no juice, no dairy liquids can replace the benefits of water. They contain substantial sweeteners and sugar, which usually boost up our energy but then dry out the body system very quickly.

Water, diets, and sports

If you are currently doing any kinds of sports or are planning about to – water is a must! First of all, by doing physical activity, you tend to sweat more and use more energy. Staying hydrated keeps your body temperature balanced, butters your joints and helps muscle cells’ to regenerate. So next time if you’re about to jog or go for a walk, make sure to take that flask filled with fresh, cold water.

What comes around diets and water, the rule stays the same – water is a must! Especially, if you are fasting, at this point water is salvation. It will not only help you to avoid hunger but you will be hydrated and refreshed. Also, you can try adding some lemon, berries or mint, which will give some taste. It should be noted that when eating it is important to drink water in order for the body to digest easier. It doesn’t matter if it’s breakfast, a small snack or a huge family dinner – a glass of water on the table is fundamental. Who doesn’t want to be more rejuvenated, hydrated and energetic?

DoFasting Water Tracker

Question is, how to remind yourself to not forget to drink water?

We’re excited to announce a new release of Water Tracker, featuring water consumption, percentage of H2O in your body system and specified tracker according to your DoFasting plan. We highly recommend you to try it! It will be easier and more challenging to track your daily infusion and at the end of the day, you’ll stop hating H2O. All you need to do is to update the app and you’re all set!

Bottom Line

People often ask how much water per day is the norm. Well, there’s no vital answer to that. Everybody’s different, for some it might take 20 oz, for others – way more than that. All in all, drinking water has to become an inseparable habit of our daily routine. 

Friendly reminder: don’t go down the rabbit hole if you hear other people say that water is one of the most effective preventions from Coronavirus. It is NOT. Though, drinking a lot of warm liquids including water and tea helps fight off illness. Treat and take care of yourself and others! Remember: water is a clear path to health. Happy World Water Day!