Intermittent Fasting and COVID-19. Should you fast?

Now what to do when the gyms have been closed? Okay, not only gyms. Everything has shut their doors! We can imagine that most of your planned vacays and meetings went down the sink like it was nothing. Quarantine sucks.

Naturally, the DoFasting team is getting a lot of emails and requests about what to do with your fasting schedule during the quarantine period. Being stuck at home has its pros and cons, but how do we find the balance between fasting and self-isolation? Here are some short but essential tips.

Take a few steps back with fasting.

No, no, no, we’re not saying that you should stop doing intermittent fasting for good, but if you’re planning to go on multi-day fasts right now, we’d suggest you hold your horses and wait until this pandemic crisis goes away. The thing is, prolonged fasts can shake up your immune system. So go ahead with fasts up to 16 hours per day.

Eat healthier than ever!

What you eat is more important than ever. We know it isn’t fun to hear other people telling you how to live, but you really are what you eat.

Just think about it, most of the time you’re staying at home, pulling your head out the window to get some fresh air from time to time, rarely going out unless it’s a mayday situation to buy some groceries or TP. Eventually, your immune system becomes weakened, because you don’t move that much, there’s a lack of sun, which means – you don’t get enough of those immune-boosting vitamins. Want an easy way to fill yourself up with nutritious meals? Just follow the suggested meals in the DoFasting app!

While we’re hiding inside of our fortresses and have limitless time ahead of us, it’s a great time to start cooking for ourselves. Use the opportunity to load yourself up with fresh, natural goodies. Please, no sketchy supplements or fast food! Continue with your regular eating habits, but spice it up a little bit.

Please, wash your hands.

This might be a general rule that goes to every aspect of your daily life. Recommendations given by WHO and other numerous reliable sources are not for gigs and laughs.

Take care of your hygiene, wash your hands often, keep a safe distance between you and other people. Trust us; it’s for your and your loved ones’ good. So if you see your little cousin picking their nose – slap them!

Okay, maybe not slap them, just make them stop. Touching your face is a no-no. Self-isolation and sanitation is key to getting over this quick. Yes, it doesn’t have to do a lot with fasting, but it is our priority to friendly remind you of these necessary actions.

In essence:

Start working out at home instead of the gym. That’s what the exercises in the DoFasting app are for. Change cafe and restaurant cuisine to a homemade dish. Stock up with soap and sanitizers, wash your hands and don’t ever touch your face. While it is still quite uncertain how the situation will evolve after some time, let’s keep our fingers crossed and follow these simple yet vital steps to prevent ourselves from contracting that pesky Coronavirus.

Stay safe!