Top 10 Best Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Healthy breakfast can help you feed yourself and your family quickly, easily, and with the good feeling that comes with stocking the kitchen with good food.

It’s easy to become weighed down by the idea of a ‘traditional’ breakfast that is nothing but refined sugar and fatty meat. To get some new healthy breakfast recipes, try out these simple and easy options designed to fit the nutrition needs of people of all ages.

Just remember that you might enjoy these so much that you’ll want them for other meals, not just breakfast!

Healthy Breakfast Recipes

1. Chia Seed and Banana Toast

Sometimes there isn’t enough time in the morning to cook a full meal. So why not stock up on protein, potassium, and calcium with this recipe?
All you need is a slice of toast, some peanut butter, half a banana, and a sprinkle of chia seeds. Chia contains essential vitamins and minerals and has been shown to have more calcium than regular milk!

If you don’t like peanut butter, you can use other variations of nut butter for more flavor.
chia banana toast


2. Avocado and Egg Toast

Newspapers and networks might have mocked millennials, but avocado toast is actually surprisingly good for you and full of nutrients and healthy fats.

For a rounded breakfast with protein and some carbohydrates, make a slice or two of toast.
Then, top with slices of avocado and a fried egg. To be extra healthy, just cook the egg whites for nutrition without the added cholesterol and unhealthy fat.

avocado egg toast

3. Egg Muffins

A lot of people love eggs but might be tired of making them the same way all over again.
To get healthy breakfast for the entire week, it’s possible to make egg muffins in a standard muffin or cupcake tray.

Simply cook some spinach and bacon and put pieces in each muffin cup in the tray.
Then, crack a couple of eggs and mix them together in a separate bowl. Pour the eggs in each cup and then bake.
What emerges will be healthy and filling egg muffins that can be stored and eaten every day of the week!

egg muffins bacon spinach

4. Fruit and Nut Waffle Sandwiches

What could be better than a peanut butter and jelly sandwich?

A healthier option made with waffles. You can use fresh or frozen waffles for this, but the key is to use two waffles as bread.
Fill the inside with healthy peanut or other nut butter and add fresh fruit like strawberries, blueberries, raspberries or cherries.

This recipe will keep you full and requires little prep, making it perfect for busy families.

peanut butter waffle

5. Microwave Quiche

Quiche is delicious but can be time-consuming unless you follow a recipe like this one.

Cook some fresh spinach, bacon, and a couple of bell pepper slices. Then, pour them into a microwave safe bowl and combine with two lightly beaten eggs.
Microwave the entire mix together for three minutes and voila!

A healthy and nutritious breakfast quiche is served.

microwave quiche

6. Creative Steel Cut Oatmeal

Instant steel cut oatmeal is one of the healthiest breakfasts because it is low in sugar while being high in fiber and protein. However, it can taste dull.
For extra vitamins and nutrients, use healthy additions like fresh fruit and berries.

Or cook some bell peppers and other vegetables, add some salt and pepper to make your oatmeal savory instead of sweet.
Top with an egg and you’ll have delicious oatmeal with enough protein to get through the day!

savory oatmeal

7. Breakfast Baked Sweet Potato

This is our personal favorite.

Sweet potatoes have tons of vitamin A, potassium, and fiber to get you through the day.
Bake or microwave one and then top it with crumbled turkey sausage, bacon, or a fresh egg.
Add some roasted bell peppers or onion and you’ll have a savory breakfast that truly packs a punch.

If you want to keep the sweetness, use unprocessed maple syrup to have a sweet sausage and potato bonanza.

sweet potato breakfast

8. Chia Seed ‘Pudding’

Pudding is delicious but has an unfortunate amount of added refined sugar.
To make something healthy and delicious with a similar texture, combine unsweetened Greek yogurt with a little bit of honey, some chia seeds, and fresh blueberries.

This breakfast is packed full of protein and vitamin D and will keep even the pickiest of eaters happy. If you don’t like honey, consider using unprocessed maple syrup for extra sweetness and flair.

chia pudding

9. Protein Breakfast Smoothie

Not everyone feels like eating in the morning, but it’s still important to get nutrition.
So, consider making this delicious smoothie using almond milk, nut butter, a banana, and protein powder.

The result will keep you full until lunch and stock you full of important vitamins and minerals. You can substitute several items in this recipe, like using different varieties of milk, peanut butter, and other fruits.
The goal is to make sure you use low calorie/high vitamin options!

protein smoothie

10. The Mean, Green Smoothie Machine

One of the healthiest things you can make is this super fresh, super green smoothie.
All you need to do is blend two cups of vegetables with three cups of fruit and two cups of a liquid base – so 2+3+2.

One of the best smoothies is spinach, kale, almond milk, banana, and pear. This smoothie has fiber and nutrients while also being super filling.
Lots of substitutions are available, including using coconut water and different fruits like apples and berries. 

green smoothie

Bottom Line

Many individuals feel pigeonholed by traditional breakfast foods that are little more than sugar, sawdust, and processed fats.
To feel better about your day and to save some time in the morning, consider one of these 10 healthy breakfast options meant to pack you full of protein, vitamins, and minerals necessary for good brain function.