What you get:

Daily motivation boosts

Changing your eating habits might seem like a challenge at first. So, in order to make your experience as smooth as possible, we’ll be offering daily motivation boosts, guidance, and useful tips.

Exercise suggestions

Get access to simple, 10-30 minute workouts personalized to your level and goals. No equipment needed! Our professional trainers visualized these exercises to help you avoid bad posture and ensure positive results.

Tips & Guidance

Learn more about fasting and get access to useful tips on hydration, proper diet, and more.

Progress Tracker & Calendar

Enter your current weight, see estimations and track your weight loss, exercise, and fasting progress! You’ll be able to update your profile, change metrics, set fasting & eating times, and adjust your sleep schedule anytime you want.

Meal recommendations

Proper nutrition is the key to healthy fasting. With that in mind, we customize our meal recommendations according to YOUR calorie intake and nutrition needs. Get ready to try some new, easy-to-make recipes for each part of the day!

Your journey to wellness starts here!

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